The sectional title market has, without a doubt, been a disruptive force for the last 20 years. The transformation of our landscape confirms this with coastlines lined with complexes from False Bay and Atlantic seaboard to Bloubergstrand, not to mention the plethora of developments inland.
The rise of sectional title units across the Western Cape has resulted in significant shifts in markets, especially building maintenance.
According to building refurbishment company, Indawo, the increased requests for maintenance from managing agents and bodies corporate support the fact that developments are now reaching some form of maintenance age.
Managing director, Geoffrey Jäck, points out that with the speed of development, quality may have been sacrificed, leading to structural problems arising earlier than expected. The same applies to paint selection with developers aiming to reduce costs for buyers, opting for slightly lower quality with a shorter guarantee periods.
Jäck says that with the preference of sectional title units as the “new” living standard, homeowners are looking to trustees of bodies corporate along with managing agents to protect their investment. As part of responsible sectional title management, maintenance is, arguably, the most important function of the trustees as investment values are reliant on maintenance strategies.
An advantage of sectional title living is the spreading of maintenance costs across the body corporate resulting in a far less cost per unit for projects. However, with the South African economy forced to its knees, even with this collective buying power, complexes find it difficult to raise funds for maintenance projects.
Sectional title legislation, forcing 10-year maintenance plans, is still in its infancy, and needs time for budgets to be filled for any significant maintenance. This has delayed projects, impacting resale values.
Jäck says that ignoring maintenance while waiting for budgets may be disastrous. The longer the wait, the more damage is likely to be done. Rather tackle smaller issues across all units than wait until the total budget can be approved.
A reliable contractor will provide the right advice and guide you on what is urgent and what can wait.
Sectional title continues to dominate the building maintenance sector. The harsh climate, on top of significant sea spray, incessant rain and high winds batter buildings to such an extent they show signs of wear earlier.
The choice of product and maintenance methodology is critical, with buildings often needing maintenance every 5 to 7 years in the Western Cape, to ensure structures are protected. With advances made in paint, waterproofing and construction technologies, building maintenance offers home and building owners more peace of mind than before.
Technologically advanced products provide more effective protection and offer longer guarantee periods, reducing long term maintenance costs for bodies corporate. But do select the right contractor with the right skills and knowledge to offer you this peace of mind.
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