Rust protection from Indawo

Rustopak from Indawo protecting your building from rust

When it comes to rust protection from Indawo, Rustopak is a game changer! It not only protects your building’s substructures from rust, but can be applied over existing rust. The application of Rustopak is subject to strict application methodologies.

Indawo is an approved applicator for Rustopak from a.b.e Chemicals. Indawo has passed rigorous applicator training  and so ensures that this product and, when applied by Indawo, will provide many years’ rust protection for your building.

The technological advances made in the development of this product and its effectiveness allows for rust protection way in excess of normal products.

The application of Rustopak is key and should be applied by an approved applicator. Indawo is approved by a.b.e and, therefore, is able to provide the necessary guarantees to the client.

First, the surfaces have to be tested for salt contamination. The area may not be suitable for immediate Rustopak application.

The surfaces have to be thoroughly washed to ensure correct application of Rustopak. In order to ensure that the product manufacturer’s guarantee is validated, testing is done throughout the process and documented.

A red Rustopak penetrating sealant is applied. This layer has to reach all rust infected areas, and all areas that need protection from rust.

A curing process needs to be allowed for. This is to ensure a good drying period.

The final Rustopak top coat is then applied to provide an aesthetically pleasing result. NOTE: this is not a decorative product and should not be used as one. Rustopak, applied by Indawo, ensures a rust free structure for many years and so offers your building a rust free environment.

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