Roofing in Cape Town by Indawo

Roofing contractors in Cape Town face numerous challenges. In the Western Cape, roofing can be challenging. It involves careful planning to cater for high winds, extreme heat and access to roofs. In the winter, the weather also needs to be considered carefully and must be planned for.

Indawo has completed numerous roofing projects in Cape Town, Western Cape as well as outlying regions. We also have the credibility, knowledge and experience to ensure that your building has the right roofing solution for your roofing challenge.

In Cape Town, roofing also takes on a different angle, being one of South Africa’s major tourist destinations. This means that our City’s roofs must be aesthetically pleasing, over and above the functionality of the roof.

A roof protects your building

Your roof is also your building’s primary form of defence against a harsh South African climate, so it is important to employ the services of an approved and compliant roofing contractor. Incessant rain, sea spray, high winds and, especially, extreme fluctuations in day and night time temperatures attack the outer structures of buildings. A roof being one of the first structures to receive the brunt of the weather.

Having been commissioned to replace roofs on heritage buildings, retail centres, industrial factories and commercial buildings, Indawo has a proven track record in roofing in Cape Town. Being an approved roofing contractor, we have all the right compliance and manufacturers’ warrantees. This is on top of Indawo’s 2-year workmanship guarantee.

Material suppliers, Safintra and GRS have approved Indawo as accredited roofing contractors in Cape Town. It is also advisable to use approved roofing contractors in Cape Town and South Africa. Your roof, if installed by an approved roofing contractor, will provide you with the assurances of a safe structure.

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