Roofing in Cape Town. Why you should use a qualified roofing contractor.

Roofing contractor in Cape Town.

Reasons to appoint a Roofing Contractor

It is always easy to appoint the cheapest contractor. But how do you know you are getting an approved, reliable and compliant roofing contractor in South Africa?

Opting for the cheapest is not always the wisest decision. It can have negative consequences, which will lead to further complications, mostly with an additional and hefty cost. It is just not worth appointing a roofing contractor without doing a due diligence.

Asking a qualified, approved and compliant roofing contractor, like Indawo, is the way to go.  Here are reasons why appointing a compliant and reputable roofing contractor is often better than appointing the cheapest.

Quality roofing materials from reputable suppliers

Reliable, reputable and compliant roofing contractors are registered and approved contractors with all major roofing material suppliers. This gives you the advantage that the roofing contractor and roofing material supplier will provide, not only quality material, but the right product for your roof. They know about quantities needed, installation methodology and which product is best suited. 

Let’s face it, your roof is the most important protector of your building. Approved, reputable, compliant and reliable roofing contractors provide workmanship guarantees backed by the product manufacturers’ guarantees. This offers peace of mind to their clients. 


Roofing contractors, especially in Cape Town, understand the risks associated with roof installations. Reputable roofing contractors adhere to the strict health and safety guidelines and laws associated with the roofing and construction trade. They have the right safety equipment, staff and protocols to ensure safe installation.

When it comes to buildings and retail centres, safety is vital for workers, consumers and retail staff. 

Save time and money

Using unreliable and non-approved or non-compliant contractors will, inevitably, mean that you have to do project management. Reliable contractors are skilled project managers, and will ensure your job is done in time and within budget.


When it comes to roofing, experience is vital. Knowing what products to use, which methodologies to incorporate and how long a project will take, is only gained from experience. It is advisable not to attempt to gain all this experience by internet research. You will simply not get the knowledge form a few hours on the web.

Reliable roofing contractors have, in all likelihood, faced all sorts of roofing challenges, meaning they will produce results without mistakes. This will ensure, therefore, that you have a roof with a substantially long lifespan.


Reliable roofing contractors are efficient and effective. Being reputable also means that your building will be in safe hands. Reputable roofing contractors have project managers on site to ensure site workers perform their duties with due care to the safety of your building and its contents.

So, if you are looking for a reputable, reliable and compliant roofing contractor in Cape Town, Western Cape, Indawo should be on your list.



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