Roofing in Cape Town and roof repairs by Indawo

Roof repairs in Cape Town by Indawo, is something we are good at, and we are proud to say that. Indawo was commissioned to do a very special type of roofing project.

The brief was to NOT take off the old roof sheeting, but add a roof on top of the old one. Also, there were problematic box gutters that were causing severe leaking, over and above the unsightly and damaged roof sheeting. You see, there were tenants in the building and lifting the roof was not an option.

The solution from Indawo was simple. Well, not really so simple, the idea was simple, but the installation not so much.

Indawo suggested a new roof structure over the existing roof. This consisted of new beams, which created a pitched roof structure, and then new roof sheeting placed on the structure. The box gutters were removed and replaced with standard gutters and downpipes.

The result is a new, aesthetically pleasing roof, a much safer building and no more leaks.

For roof repairs in Cape Town, Indawo is your first choice contractor.

Indawo is a member of the International Federation for the Roofing Trade – CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

See the video below detailing the work done.