Back to the future 15 July 2014 Red Sails in Hout Bay ready to weather winter storms

Hout Bay or Houtbaai, meaning Wood Bay, is a scenic town near Cape Town situated in a valley on the Atlantic Seaboard of the Cape Peninsula surrounded by national parks. The name not only refers to the town, but also to the bay and the valley.
The Dutch, when establishing a colony in Table Bay in 1652, needed timber for construction and shipbuilding, but there was no forest near their settlement. They discovered a wetter, forested valley on the other side of what is today, Constantia Nek, and the name Houtbaai was obvious. Hout Bay is a working fishing village but its popularity has grown significantly with the harbour attracting thousands of tourists annually placing it high on the agenda of places to visit in Cape Town.
Hout Bay, today, is far from a wood bay. It is home to thousands who work in the town and the city. It serves as a gateway over Chapman’s Peak to the east and up Suikerbossie to the north, an uphill climb that breaks the hearts of thousands of cyclists in Cape Town’s annual Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour. Its picturesque setting and serene environment provides residents ideal living and the demand here for property has grown significantly over the years providing better than average returns on investment.

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For residents living close to the shoreline, homes are continuously under attack from the harsh Western Cape climate and maintenance of buildings’ structures is crucial to protect their investment. Recently the property managers of Red Sails, a well-known landmark in Hout Bay, close to the beachfront, commissioned painting, waterproofing and construction company, Indawo, to redecorate and waterproof the external structure of the buildings.
Red Sails, its name reflective of its distinctive roof, designed to deflect wind off the building, reiterates the bay’s regular sailing activities and is home to residents above, and small business owners retailing on the ground level. Stores include restaurants and retail outlets that serve the community and tourists making this delightful spot in Hout Bay extremely popular. Its upmarket, spacious apartments are conveniently located in the idyllic setting of Hout Bay, a beautiful and popular place on the Cape Peninsula.
Indawo managing director, Geoffrey Jäck, says that the Red Sails development is indicative of a growing trend in Hout Bay to provide a service to the community and a growing tourism market. “Recent repairs required formed part of the building’s structured maintenance programme. The property’s managers have ensured its strict maintenance strategy takes into account regular repairs to protect the investment value of the property as a whole, as well as the individual residential units. This carefully planned programme meant that repairs would not hamper daily retail operations or residents.”
The redecoration work and waterproofing is in line with the building’s maintenance plan. According to Jäck, identifying maintenance requirements early from regular inspections reduces the risk of rising costs resulting from escalating damage. Red Sails’ maintenance strategy is formulated to reduce risks associated with potential damage from environmental and climate forces and provide a long-term protection of the investment value of the property.
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