Palm Grove Shopping Centre Parking

Palm Grove Shopping Centre, Durbanville

Client: Palm Grove Shopping Centre
Location: Durbanville, Cape Town
Start Date: November, 2021
Description: Structural repairs, waterproofing, flooring
Scope of project: Lift existing parking area base and waterproofing, re-screed and replace with new waterproofing membrane, tar and road markings, build walls around parking area and tile walkways.

Waterproofing Shopping Mall Parking

Waterproofing tarring parking area, by Indawo at Palm Grove Shopping Centre in Durbanville.

Indawo was commissioned to repair the entire parking area base at Palm Grove Shopping Centre as the mall was experiencing severe leaking and damage to the stores beneath the parking lot.

Firstly, the challenge was to do the demolition of the base with minimal interference to the tenants around the parking lot and below the parking area.

Normal impact demolition initially caused unacceptable noise for the tenants. Indawo managed to provide a solution that resulted in minimal noise levels.

The concrete walls surrounding the parking lot was cast by Indawo after creating reinforcing and template boxes into which the concrete was poured.

Waterproofing Shopping Mall Parking

Waterproofing Shopping Mall Parking area walkways around the parking was tiled up the the concrete walls built by Indawo.

Indawo laid a new screed on the parking area and waterproofed the area using a torch-on waterproofing system.

Health and safety was crucial on this project because of the close proximity of tenants and their customers. Ingozi Management Health & Safety Consultants provide this service to Indawo.

The top layer over the waterproofing was tarred and road markings applied to demarcate the parking areas.

For more on waterproofing check out our website – CLICK HERE.

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