V&A Waterfront Clock Tower

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V&A Waterfront Clock Tower by Indawo, a building refurbishment and roofing project including painting and woodwork.
Indawo Clock Tower project at the V&A Waterfront.

Indawo Clock Tower project at the V&A Waterfront.

Painting refurbishment V&A Waterfront Clock Tower Cape Town

V&A Waterfront Clocktower

Painting and refurbishment of V&A Waterfront Clock Tower in Cape Town. Pic:Indawo refurbishment of V&A Waterfront Clocktower – before

V&A Waterfront Clock Tower

Painting refurbishment of V&A Waterfront Clock Tower Cape Town, done by Indawo. For all your building refurbishment and roofing needs in Western Cape and in Gauteng, Indawo provides an ideal solution.

Client: V&A Waterfront
Location: Cape Town
Start Date: Monday, September 3, 2018
Description: Painting of the Clocktower at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town
Scope of project: External redecoration of Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront, painting

Painting refurbishment of V&A Waterfront Clock Tower Cape Town – Health and safety is important when it comes to projects in the path of consumers, and this is especially true for international visitors to a tourism hotspot like the V&A Waterfront. Therefore, Indawo makes sure that all aspects of the project have the important element of safety covered to ensure the total protection of visitors near the construction site.

The roof of the V&A Clock Tower was also replaced by Indawo. The sheeting used is lead roof sheeting, which has a long lifespan. Lead roof sheeting has flexible properties that add to the effectiveness of its waterproofing properties. The long life expectancy of lead roof sheeting also reduces maintenance costs for the building owner.

Health and safety is provided by Ingozi Management Safety and Health Consultants.

The Clock Tower is a tourist attraction and is located in a busy section of the V&A Waterfront.


V&A Clock Tower redecorated in time to see in 2019

Much has been said recently about the state of the iconic Victoria and Alfred Clock Tower in Cape Town’s famous harbour, the V&A Waterfront and the need for it to be refurbished. The City of Cape Town takes the maintenance of its heritage buildings seriously, and the Clock Tower has been a building that was due for refurbishment. As one of the city’s heritage buildings, maintenance and upkeep of such an important site is vital for South African tourism.

Commissioned to refurbish the Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront, building refurbishment company, Indawo completed the much-needed redecoration of, arguably, the most important building at the V&A Waterfront, in time for it to see in 2019.

This South African favourite historic building, completed in 1883, was the original harbour signal station and port captain’s office. Escaping a possible demolition in 1975, the Clock Tower received a makeover in 1976 after which it was declared a national monument in 1978. A further restoration of the Clock Tower was done in the late 1990s.

According to Indawo managing director, Geoffrey Jäck, the precinct is a busy one with local and international tourists visiting the V&A Waterfront. On top of this, the Waterfront is a working harbour, which adds to the pressure placed on external structures in and around the area. Redecoration at a tourist attraction also adds to the challenges that face refurbishment companies. As such, safety is important for workers and visitors. Scaffolding was the saf`est means of access to the higher levels of the tower.

“The project involved the complete redecoration of the tower and restoring it to its original state,” says Jäck. “including the right colour choice to ensure the original aesthetic appeal is maintained. The lead roof sheeting was also replaced. This is roof sheeting that is specifically cut to size and installed. A bird deterrent was also installed. During redecoration, the production team had to contend with high consumer traffic and winds that often is a challenge for painters in areas with continuous consumer traffic.”

The external structure was repainted, and the wooden staircase and balcony refurbished and restored to ensure this iconic landmark remains a key attraction for local and international visitors. The new lead roof sheeting has ensured a good as new structure and the Clock Tower now stands proud again in the V&A Waterfront.

Lead roof sheeting has a long lifespan if well maintained. Its flexible properties also allow for it to be a good sealant resulting in a safe waterproofed product. Also used as a covering for gutters, lead can provide an ideal solution to waterproof a roof. Correct installation is critical to ensure this long lifespan is maintained.

At a time when tourism plays a major role in driving South Africa’s economy, the redecoration of the Clock Tower as an historical landmark will, once again, become a must-see on the travel agendas of many tourists. Maintaining the country’s historical infrastructure is critical to our future economic growth.

Jäck says that maintenance of historical infrastructure is vital to preserving our heritage and driving the economy through our tourist hotspots. Regular maintenance on heritage buildings will preserve their aesthetic appeal for centuries to come.

Indawo can be contacted on 021 941 5000 or email info@indawo.co.za.

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