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  • Nutec slate
  • Natural slate roofing
  • Pierce fixed metal roof sheeting (IBR, corrugated)
  • Concealed fix roof sheeting (Saflok, Kliplok, Springlok and Diamodek)
  • Concrete and clay roof tiles
  • Lead and copper roofing.

Roofing done in Cape Town can be challenging for different reasons, depending on the time of year.

Indawo is a roofing contractor and does roof repairs as well as asbestos roof removal in Cape Town, When it comes a roof, a structure that can make up to 40% of a building, various challenges face roofing contractors throughout the year.

In the summer months, intense heat, especially when doing roofing in Cape Town can be exceptionally challenging. The South African heat is a challenge for workers to produce at maximum output.

Many roofs across South Africa are still made from asbestos, which was banned in the early 1980s. New legislation is being enforced to remove damaged asbestos roofs. These projects must be undertaken by approved asbestos removal contractors. Indawo is a registered asbestos removal contractor in Cape Town, Western Cape.

Roofing contractor, roof repairs in Cape Town, Indawo are the professionals.

Indawo won the MBA Regional Health & Safety Award for its work at the V&A Waterfront. CLICK HERE to read more.

CLICK HERE to see another V&A WATERFRONT ROOFING PROJECT on our YouTube Channel




Waterproofing in Cape Town, Western Cape vital in a harsh climate. Indawo uses state-of-the art waterproofing products and is an approved applicator at all major waterproofing material suppliers. Waterproofing, especially in the Western Cape, with its high winds, sea spray and incessant rainfall, is a vital element for any building or home. Using the right waterproofing product plays an important role when it comes to keeping a building dry. A range of products for roof waterproofing is available covering the roof itself as well as substructures on the roof. For outer walls, Indawo has the experience and skills to advise on the best products and paint to ensure that your building or sectional title home stays dry.

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