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Parc Du Cap, Bellville – commercial waterproofing and roofing

Client: Parc Du Cap
Location: Cape Town
Start Date:,December 2020
Scope of project: Waterproofing, roofing, painting, structural repairs Cape Town, roofing Western Cape

Commercial waterproofing and roofing

Commercial waterproofing and roofing contractor in Cape Town, Indawo, was commissioned to waterproof the roof at Parc du Cap in Bellville, Cape Town.

This involved the removal of the stone covering on the roof, removing existing waterproofing, repairing the base and re-installing a waterproofing system to protect the building.

The roof and balconies were waterproofed.

Just a reminder that if your roof is an asbestos roof, you will need an approved and registered asbestos contractor to do Type1, Type2 or Type 3 asbestos work. This is according to the new Asbestos Abatement Regulations 2020, which regulates which contractors may work with asbestos.

Read more about asbestos HERE

Commercial waterproofing and roofing

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