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Weekend Argus Property 7 June 2015 – Paint in winter, but remember to keep an eye on the weather

Painting in winter rainfall? Of course says Indawo.

Winter rainfall is approaching Western Cape shores with some already greeting Cape Town citizens with a wet welcome. And, as the rains approach, many begin to wonder if the wet weather will expose the inevitable leaking, and they will face the tough decision: to paint or not to paint? According to painting, waterproofing and construction company, Indawo, painting during rainy seasons is certainly possible, but make sure you have a plan, and use a reputable painting and waterproofing company.

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Indawo managing director, Geoffrey Jäck, says that you can paint the interior and even the exterior of your building when it rains. When painting the exterior, though, you need not wait for the dry summer months to tackle those much-needed projects. But if you find evidence of leaks, it is best to consult a reputable and industry-compliant waterproofer.

Besides the obvious, like painting while it is actually raining, or starting to apply your first coat when it is clear rain will start falling in the next hour or two, keeping an eye on the weather patterns will provide you with sufficient breaks in the rainfall to allow you to apply the first, and subsequent coats.

Jäck says, “It is prudent to refrain from applying any paint if rain is imminent. This might mean that the project will take slightly longer than in the dry months, but it is still possible to tackle paint projects during the rainy season. Cape Town is notorious for its unpredictable weather patterns, with many adopting the philosophy of – don’t like the Cape Town weather, wait 5 minutes. You may have sunshine.”

According to Indawo, contractors may even offer discounts or reduced rates during the rainy season to keep their workforce busy. So while the project may take a little longer to complete due to the longer periods required for coats to dry, there could be a financial benefit in commissioning painting work during this time. High pressure water jetting can also be done during the rainy season in preparation for painting, so there is no reason not to paint during winter in the Western Cape anymore.

Before any project ask yourself the following questions:

Do I need to paint my building now or can it wait until the dry summer season?
Is the exterior wall I plan to paint, wet or even slightly damp?
Is the temperature below, or likely to fall below, the minimum temperature specified by the paint manufacturer during painting, or within 10 hours after application?
Will it rain within 10 hours of painting the exterior wall?

If the answer to all these questions is “no”, you can probably proceed to apply the first coat. Remember though, paint manufacturers recommend being absolutely sure about the possibility of rain, so rather lean on the side of caution. Also, always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which will be on the paint tin.

Indawo points out that even during the summer months, you need to wash down a building’s exterior prior to painting and in some cases inter-coat washing is specified. This is the washing of the walls in between coats.

But, warns Indawo, waterproofing in the rain is an entirely different matter and you will need a qualified waterproofer to give you the right advice on what to do if leaking becomes apparent when it rains.

For more information on painting during winter contact Indawo on 021 941 5000 or email

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