Indawo launches new product; RUSTOPAK

Indawo is the only approved RUSTOPAK applicator in the Western Cape.

After extensive training on the application of Rustopak from one of our trusted suppliers, a.b.e. Indawo launched the product to clients in the Western Cape.

Rustopak is set to be a game changer in the rust prevention industry. It revolutionises the way we deal with rust, especially in the coastal regions.

Application of the product is unlike any traditional rust products. In fact rust does not even have to be completely cleaned off the surface onto which Rustopak is applied.

Contact Indawo to assess your rust on substructures on your building, especially prevalent on nuts, bolts and flanges. We can assist with your rust problems.


abe® Rustopak joint sealing systems have been proven to provide long-term protection of structural steel exposed to severe atmospheric corrosion. These low VOC proprietary blend sealants are surface tolerant and offer single package convenience. Thick barrier films can be applied in one or two coats over hand tool cleaned surfaces. Provides excellent resistance in corrosive environments, salt-air environments and are UV light stable.

abe® Rustopak sealants are intended for use as field-applied maintenance coatings for repairing / sealing of aged / weathered steel structures. These products do not require complete removal of existing coatings and corrosion and offer significant cost savings when used as an overcoat sealant system. Ideal for use on surfaces not subjected to regular mechanical wear or abrasion.


abe® Rustopak provides superior penetrating power and tenacious adhesion with outstanding performance over existing coatings (without lifting) and inblasted steel surfaces. abe® Rustopak contains a unique blend of thixotropic resins that deliver high build to provide outstanding corrosion protection, whether it is steel or concrete, solidly adhering to rust or existing coatings.

The high affinity of the Calcium Sulfonate for bare metal resists the formation of undercutting.

Excess alkalinity in abe® Rustopak neutralises any acids that penetrate the coating and severely inhibits the formation of any corrosion in such an alkaline environment.


No blasting or containment.

No hazardous blast waste.

Surface tolerant over rust and existing coatings.

When recoating becomes necessary, only wipe down with Mineral Turpentine to remove the weathered surface of the coating then apply a one-step overcoat by brush, roller or high-pressure pump.

Provides an impermeable barrier, remains firm and provides years of extended service life (>20 years).

Lower project costs.

abe® Rustopak Red Penetrating Sealant

Used for superior wetting into high corrosion areas, or inaccessible areas such as splice plates, rockers, box construction design and pack rust. No more dismantling and re-assembling of components needed. abe® Rustopak Red Penetrating Sealant is a low VOC penetrating liquid used in conjunction with abe® Rustopak Top Coat. It is a single component, specifically compounded system, and is applied over surfaces with tightly adherent rust and also hard to reach areas such as crevices which are properly sealed off without the need of dismantling equipment.

abe® Rustopak Top Coat

A low VOC, active rust inhibitive sealant, for use as a single coat direct to metal (DTM) that does not have to be rust free. Tightly adhered rust on structural steel must be without contaminants like oil, grease, salt, etc. abe® Rustopak Top Coat can also be applied to concrete that must be without contaminants like oil, grease, salt, etc. It is a single component, specifically compounded system and gets applied as a top coat over abe® Rustopak Red Penetrating Sealant to offer UV protection and colour.

Rustopak from a.b.e available only from Indawo in Western Cape

Rustopak from a.b.e available only from Indawo in Western Cape

Rustopak from a.b.e available only from Indawo in Western Cape

Rustopak from a.b.e available only from Indawo in Western Cape


Indawo can be contacted on 021 941 5000 or email