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26 March 2015 Building Africa – Construction sites need a SHE

For players in the construction industry, it is imperative to have safety, health and environment (SHE) files on site. This is according to painting, waterproofing and construction company, Indawo, whose MD, Geoffrey Jack, says failure to comply is against the law and exposes the contractor and client to risks that have the potential of closing both businesses.

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SHE files contain accurate records of happenings on the site and record visits. Most importantly, SHE files document all information regarding site safety.

Look what we have achieved and done!

Join us on a trip down memory lane! We have featured in many newspapers, magazines and online publications for our good work done in painting, waterproofing, construction, roofing, flooring, building refurbishment and asbestos removal and asbestos handling in Cape Town, Western Cape and Johanesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng and Tshwane.

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