Indawo's heartbeat is reflective of our commitment to the community

Browse this timeline to see just how much we care. Indawo regularly gives back, both in monetary terms through donations, but also through internships, annual and ad-hoc sponsorships. Indawo’s commitment is in not only a way of life, it is the right thing to do. Indawo ensures that talent is recognised and rewarded. Our internship programme assists students to achieve the results they need to pass their courses and our learnerships are designed to uplift disadvantaged people. Our staff live this commitment every day following our chairman’s philosophy of “make a difference to someone today”.

Indawo is everywhere

Indawo is everywhere bringing building refurbishment to youWherever you go, Indawo is there. Even in the advertising campaign for Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run to be held in Paarl in October 2018, you will see our colours. The photos in the campaign are from...

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Cape Town City Hall comes back to aid SA

Press release Cape Town City Hall’s heritage comes back to the aid of South Africans Cape Town City Hall’s heritage comes back to the aid of South Africans Arguably, there can be no building more famous than the Cape Town City Hall. After all, this is where the father...

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Nazareth House, Cape Town

Nazareth House - On 17 July 2015 - Indawo staff bought and delivered MacDonald's Happy Meals for the children as part of their 67 minutes pledged for Mandela Day 2015. This organisation has a very special place int he hearts of all at Indawo. We will be supporting...

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Durbanville Children’s Home

The Durbanville Children’s Home has received generous support from Indawo over the past few years. The CEO of Indawo Mr Peter Jack is a passionate member of our fundraising and marketing sub committee and has give strategic guidance pertaining to marketing and fundraising for the Children’s home over a number of years.

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