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Weekend Argus 29 March 2015 – Avanti in Bellville moving forward with makeover of office block

Staying true to the meaning of the Italian word Avanti, the upmarket office block Avanti in Bellville, recently commissioned painting, waterproofing and construction company, Indawo, to undertake redecorating, waterproofing, structural repairs, roofing, flooring and painting to the exterior of the building and it is set to continue on its onward quest to be a leader in total building management. In doing so it ensures it remains at the forefront of property development, offering investors and tenants a significant return on investment.

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Situated in Bellville, Cape Town, Avanti enjoys a prime location and is the epitome of a total business offering, while adding value to the infrastructure landscape of the area. Centrally located with easy access onto the main N1 freeway to Cape Town city centre, the complex provides for all businesses, big and small.

Indawo managing director, Geoffrey Jäck, says that the building’s management team has their finger on the pulse in terms of facilities management. The current project provides the whole building with a facelift. This includes painting, waterproofing and structural repairs, which involved roofing and flooring. The complex architecture meant that Indawo had to deploy its rope access skills to reach some areas of the building and scaffolding had to be carefully constructed due to the shape of the building.

Avanti forms part of Abreal’s managed portfolio and these works being undertaken by Indawo is part of the management strategy for the building. It is important for the property, including its facilities and utilities, to be maintained to the highest standards so as to ensure that Avanti remains competitive and attractive to tenants well into the future.

Indawo’s workforce was tested to the limit with this project. High-rise cranes were called in to reach to roof of the building. Careful planning with city officials was needed to ensure that road closures did not disrupt traffic and all safety measures had to be taken while operating the crane as in some cases it had to be placed near entrances to the complex and other complexes opposite the site.

Working at heights always involves risks. Indawo’s safety management plan was strictly adhered to throughout the process to ensure safety of workers, clients and the public. Avanti’s neighbours include additional office buildings and residential properties making it more important that the health and safety of all is top of mind for the duration of the entire project.

Jäck says that the makeover forms part of a comprehensive maintenance plan designed to ensure that the building continues to offer investors and tenants a competitive return on their investment. Maintenance of buildings is a critical part of any business plan for property owners and ensuring regular inspections of both the interior and exterior structures will highlight possible causes of deterioration long before major structural damages occur.

Indawo can be contacted on 021 941 5000 or email, and
Abreal on 021 418 1205 or email

Look what we have achieved and done!

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