Indawo is in the media again. This time it’s ASBESTOS COMPLIANCE TIME UP, reminding home and building owners that their time is up to have an asbestos assessment done and to draft an asbestos inventory.

This is according to the Asbestos Abatement Regulations 2020, which legislates the removal of asbestos from all buildings int he country.

As such, building and home owners have to employ a competent person to assess the asbestos on their homes or buildings and have an inventory of asbestos inventory drafted.

Indawo is an asbestos removal contractor approved by the Department of Employment and Labour as a Type 3 Registered Asbestos Contractor, this also implies that Indawo is a Type 2 Registered Asbestos Contractor too.

Indawo is approved to remove large scale asbestos, from roof sheeting, gutters and downpipes to other asbestos substructures like water tanks and heating structures in buildings and homes.

Indawo used Ingozi Management Safety and Health Consultants, a company in the Indawo group, to handle all health and safety consultancy during construction projects.

Ingozi can be contacted by visiting their website to get more information on asbestos and other health and safety compliance for your office, building or construction projects.

Indawo works closely with Ingozi for all asbestos removal, asbestos replacement and asbestos abatement matters in Cape Town and surrounding areas in the Western Cape.

Looking for asbestos contractors in Cape Town, call Indawo today.

Your registered and approved asbestos contractor ensuring asbestos compliance for all your asbestos projects, whether residential, commercial, industrial or retail buildings.

Indawo has more than 50 years experience in the remdial construction industry, by far the longest serving contractor in the Western Cape for remedial construction projects including asbestos, roofing, structural repairs, heritage buildings, waterproofing and painting. 

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