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Established in 1967 as a painting and waterproofing contractor in Cape Town, Indawo is now an industry leader, which includes roof repairs. Most of all, we are well-known for unrivalled workmanship, service excellence and a high work ethic. Quality is not only a competitive advantage; it is part of our genetic make-up.

So, from flooring to roofing in Cape Town, Indawo offers solutions to building owners and facilities managers in South Africa.

As a roofing contractor in Cape Town, Indawo has successfully completed asbestos removal from roofs and replaced asbestos roof sheeting with technologically advanced roof sheeting.

Our supplier relationships are important.

Indawo is an approved applicator for Midas Earthcote, Marmoran, Dulux, Prominent Paints, Sabre Paints, Plascon, a.b.e Construction Chemicals, Sika South Africa, BASF Construction Chemicals South Africa and the Pekay Group. Top brands choose to be associated with Indawo.

Being a member of the International Roofing Federation for the Roofing Trade in Europe gives the Indawo Group a competitive advantage. As a result, we bring international standards, methodologies and products to the South African market. Not only does this give South African building owners additional options, it exposes international trends to our industry.

We take pride in our work

Because of this, whether it is roofing, waterproofing, asbestos removal, structural or spalling repairs, painting or flooring, we give the best. Our expertise extends to offices, sectional title complexes, hospitals and malls in Cape Town in the Western Cape.

Superior quality and advanced solutions reduce the risk of additional expenses from quick-fix repairs. As your fixed asset is your most valuable one, it therefore makes sense to keep it well maintained. That’s what Indawo does best.

How we do it?

Our reputation for quality, unmatched service and an unrivalled work ethic means you are guaranteed a reliable contractor. As a result, you are assured of the best.

From asbestos removal, roofing, structural repairs, painting and waterproofing in Cape Town, Indawo is reputable and reliable. Therefore, our focus is on delivering painting, waterproofing, roofing, asbestos removal and structural repair solutions to perfection.

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Roofing project by Indawo

Maitland Crematorium, Cape Town

Care passion pride in all projects by Indawo


So, what does this mean at Indawo?

  • CARE is an understanding that each project must be completed with the utmost care for the client’s asset. It is also a commitment from each employee in the company to take care in doing their job: care for health & safety, care for the quality of the job and care for everyone in our company and in our client’s company.
  • PASSION drives our company every day. And so, we have a passion for what we do and a passion for how we do it. Consequently, we love what we do and this passion manifests in the quality of our output.
  • PRIDE Nothing says pride more than our brand that is seen all over Cape Town. Our vehicles have become synonymous with the Cape Town skyline. Because of this, our branding across the City shows that we welcome any interaction with any citizen. 
Legally compliant

Legally Compliant

All companies should comply with legislation. This, especially, includes:

  • Workmen’s Compensation Assurance (WCA),
  • Department of Labour,
  • Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act and,
  • the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Therefore, Indawo is a registered Asbestos Contractor at the Department of Labour and is registered for VAT, PAYE, UIF and Income Tax. As a result, we understand the importance of compliancy! Therefore, when it comes to roofing, especially asbestos removal, nothing is more important than being legally compliant.

In addition, and of significant importance to us is the safety of our workers, clients and consumers. As a result, we ensure that our workers all undergo training to work at heights and also all health and safety courses relevant to the job.

Because of our legal compliance, we assure our clients of our total commitment to be a reliable and reputable contractor in Cape Town.

Appropriate and sufficient insurance protection


Covering all risks associated with a business including public, contractor’s and also employer’s liability insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, provides peace of mind to Indawo and, therefore, its clients as well. As a result, Indawo offers clients added comfort that they are using a reputable and reliable contractor.

In addition, both Indawo and our clients are suitably covered for any cause of minor accidents on site.

Compliant member of industry bodies

Member of major industry bodies

Indawo is a member of:

  • Construction Industry Development Board
  • National Association of Managing Agents
  • Master Builder’s Association
  • Waterproofing and Roofing Association
  • Concrete Society, Building Industry Bargaining Council
  • National Homebuilders Registration Council
  • Clinical Dynamics SA

Indawo remains a credible contractor in its industry and, as a result, also offers total peace of mind to our clients.

Because of this compliancy, Indawo has become one of the most reliable contractors in Cape Town. As a result, our reputation is well-known.

Approved and licenced applicators

Approved by suppliers

Indawo is also an approved applicator for Midas, Earthcote, Marmoran, Dulux, Plascon, a.b.e Construction Chemicals, Sika South Africa, BASF Construction Chemicals South Africa and the Pekay Group. Top brands choose to be associated with Indawo. As a result, clients know that all products are applied according to the manufacturers’ specifications, and are, therefore, assured that all warrantees are valid.

Maintained equipment and site office

Well-maintained tools

Technologically advanced equipment must be always be well maintained, especially relevant in the construction industry. A branded site office is placed in an area that poses the least interference. In addition, site workers are also easily identifiable wearing Indawo-branded clothing. 

As a result, Indawo clients are easily able to identify us a their preferred choice of reliable and reputable contractor.



References from satisfied clients for all our services also adds to your peace of mind. In addition, we are approved suppliers for government and private organisations. Indawo is also an approved applicator for Midas, Earthcote, Marmoran, Dulux, Plascon, a.b.e Construction Chemicals, Sika South Africa, BASF Construction Chemicals South Africa and the Pekay Group.

Top brands choose to be associated with Indawo. As a result, clients know that all products are applied according to the manufacturers’ specifications, and consequently they are assured that all warrantees are valid.

B-BEE Compliance


A B-BBEE status is very important for business in South Africa. Indawo aims to ensure its B-BBEE statues conforms to the policies of South Africa’s transformation process. Consequently, Indawo seeks ways to incorporate transformation, not only in its workforce, but in its senior staff and management positions too.


Indawo also provides a 2-year workmanship guarantee. This is backed by standard product manufacturers’ guarantees. This means that our clients are protected all the way. By offering this, Indawo assures clients that they will get the best from us, all the time.

Indawo - The Group

The Indawo Group

| heritage buildings

Our history

To ensure Indawo commits to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and our clients’ requirements, in terms of their procurement policies, Indawo Group established Luvthis Trading and Investments Pty Ltd trading as Indawo Construction together with a 51% previously disadvantaged shareholder and team.  

Initially, Indawo Cape Pty Ltd commissioned Indawo Construction, as a subcontractor. As such, Indawo Construction established a track record of projects and built credit worthiness with suppliers and developed references to qualify for a relevant CIDB grading. Indawo Cape Pty Ltd  provided training and mentoring along the way.

Establishing a good track record

Once Indawo Construction accomplished this and acquired a CIDB grading, references and track record, Indawo Group commissioned Indawo Construction as our primary tendering company within the group to bid for tenders where preferred procurement is required.

As a result of joint operations the group obtained joint references where Indawo Cape Pty Ltd acted as the main contractor, while Indawo Construction contributed greatly to the success of projects completed within the group.

Indawo Cape Pty Ltd and Indawo Construction operate independently from each other. However, as they are part of the same group of companies,  resources, skills, infrastructure and expertise are combined. As a result, our clients get the best possible solution.


Indawo is a TYPE 2&3 Registered Asbestos Contractor at the Department of Employment and Labour.

For your safe removal of asbestos on your building, Indawo has the skills, know-how and experience to safely remove and dispose of asbestos roofing and structures.

Health And Safety

Investing in the future and partnering industry to create a safer work environment.  As a result, Indawo applies best practice in Occupational Health & Safety.

INDAWO provides a range of OH&S services including:

  • Safety Plans to customer’s specifications
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment processes
  • Implementation of OHSAS 18001
  • Auditing
  • OHS Representative training
  • Incident Investigation
  • Occupational Hygiene Measuring services

In addition, our H&S Consultants are also SACPCMP registered.

Our brochures are available for download in PDF format.

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Tel: +27 (21) 941 5000