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Waterproofing at Century on Lake in Century City

Indawo solves waterproofing woes at Century on Lake

To combat their rainy season, Century on Lake, situated in Century City, Cape Town, commissioned Indawo to waterproof the flat-roofed cottages that were showing signs of deterioration and leaking. Indawo (Cape) stepped in and swiftly took care of the problem.

In the Xhosa language, Indawo means place, and the company’s motto, ‘Maintaining your place is what we do,’ couldn’t have been more apt in the case of Century on Lake, where Indawo’s skills were needed to rid the complex of persistent leaks. To start, Indawo performed a thorough inspection that included checking the full-bore outlets for pipe and drainage problems.

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Initially, the existing waterproofing membrane appeared to be in relatively good condition. However, reported leaking was subsequently identified and confirmed at various points on many of the roofs. It appeared that the leak problems had been exacerbated for some time; as soon as one section got repaired, a new problem manifested itself in another area.

The parapet walls were also found to be compromised, with signs of water damage evident. It became clear that the waterproofing membrane used was not to the required standard. Cracks were visible, especially in the corners.

Indawo recommended the complete installation of a new waterproofing system on the roofs of the cottages. The client approved the brief to relay a new waterproofing membrane, according to specifications, on the cottages situated on the lake side of Century on Lake.
•Move existing stone chips on top of the waterproofing membrane to one side of the flat roof.
•Lift existing waterproofing membrane.
•Repair existing screed where needed.
•Lay new waterproofing membrane.
•Repeat process on other half of the roof.
•Sift stone chips before relaying on top of new waterproofing membrane.
•Full-bore outlets to be fully stripped around the full-bore, to allow for ease of application of the new waterproofing membrane and to prevent ponding by bitumen membrane build-up.
•Flood test.

One of the primary challenges facing waterproofers in Cape Town during winter (the typical rainy season) is the unpredictable weather pattern. Winter rainfall, especially, creates uncertainty when undertaking waterproofing projects. A close watch on the weather is required to identify breaks during which the waterproofing membrane can be installed successfully.
High winds, too, provide unpleasant working conditions – not only for the site staff, but also for residents and visitors to the complex. Giving full consideration to owners, tenants and visitors, Indawo staff took great care to reduce the spread of dust while they were sifting and moving the stone chips. Excess sand was also carefully removed from the roofs to avoid inconveniencing owners and tenants. The project team was led by Indawo production manager Roel van der Heijden and included the contracts manager, Martin Geldenhuys.

The choice of the new waterproofing was critical for the success of the installation, and Indawo provided an optimal solution that also took into account the client’s available budget:

Look what we have achieved and done!

Join us on a trip down memory lane! We have featured in many newspapers, magazines and online publications for our good work done in painting, waterproofing, construction, roofing, flooring, building refurbishment and asbestos removal and asbestos handling in Cape Town, Western Cape and Johanesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng and Tshwane.

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