Nazareth House – On 17 July 2015 – Indawo staff bought and delivered MacDonald’s Happy Meals for the children as part of their 67 minutes pledged for Mandela Day 2015. This organisation has a very special place int he hearts of all at Indawo. We will be supporting this welfare organisation every year for the very special Mandela Day and our staff, as always, will be giving more than the 67 minutes suggested for the campaign. Indawo is committed to giving back to the communities in which it operates and we have developed a working partnership with Nazareth House, which we value enormously.

Nazareth House plays a big role in providing welfare to people in need. Indawo understands the challenges such organisations face and strives to assist where and when possible. Indawo is fortunate to have significant resources and manpower that we can draw on to help the children and staff.

Management at welfare organisations face difficulties daily ranging from funds needed to maintain infrastructure, keep services to providing the people they care for with critical health care. Indawo is pleased to be able to be in a position to assist.

We hope to keep this on our annual calendar and give the children a little warmth during the cold winter months in the Western Cape.

In a country that is so in need of business to assist welfare, Indawo has adopted its chairman’s philosophy of making a difference to someone today. This means that every employee at Indawo and management are prepared to assist when needed.

Every year, Indawo gives back to the community when it can, through formal sponsorships and donations as well as ad-hoc donations and assistance.

Nazareth House 17 Jul 2015 Mandela Day

Nazareth House 17 Jul 2015
Mandela Day

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