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BPN Product in action March 1991

PRESS – 1991 March – BPN – Product in action
Completion Date: 01/03/1991

Product in action

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Roofing, waterproofing, asbestos removal, painting, structural repairs and other commercial building refurbishment services from Indawo.

Look what we have achieved and done in roofing, asbestos removal, painting, waterproofing and structural repairs in Cape Town and see Indawo in the media!

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Indawo's roofing, waterproofing, asbestos removal, painting, structural repairs and other projects have regularly appeared in the media.

Construction industry welcomes rate cut but more is needed

Construction industry welcomes rate cut, but more is needed.The dramatic announcement on Tuesday 14 April 2020 by the South African Reserve Bank to cut the repo rate to 4,25%, bringing the mortgage lending rate to 7,75%, is a clear indication that the bank...

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Economic downturn affects construction INDAWO IN THE MEDIA AGAIN Recent economic downturn affects construction. The last 24 months has seen the construction industry hard hit by the downturn in the economy, largely due its near stagnant growth...

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Roofing contractor in Cape Town, US Erika and Nemesia roofs

Roofing in Cape Town and roof repairs by Indawo Roof repairs in Cape Town by Indawo, is something we are good at, and we are proud to say that. Indawo was commissioned to do a very special type of roofing project. The brief was to NOT take off the old roof sheeting,...

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