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13 May 2014 Protecting wine assets

South African wines are known all over the world, and when it comes to winemakers protecting their investments, they have to ensure their buildings are secure from the harsh Western Cape climate.

Painting, waterproofing and construction company, Indawo, was recently commissioned by Tokara on the Helshoogte Pass to paint, waterproof, redecorate and undertake minor structural repairs to the main building, which includes the restaurant and wine tasting rooms.

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The winery has become one of SA’s well-known wine producers, and additional products include olive oils and brandies, and there is also a restaurant on the estate.

Indawo managing director, Geoffrey Jäck says: “Maintenance projects at wine farms demand exact planning centred on the farm’s production and tourist attractions. Construction work has to be done around the farm’s demands and not the contractor’s. At a moment’s notice, our workforce has to shift focus if Tokara needs access to the areas we are working on. Any disruptions to our project cannot affect our client. On top of this, we have to ensure minimal disruption to the farm’s guests.

“Maintenance forms an important part of the farm’s sustained production capabilities. With tourism a major influencing factor for wine farms in SA, visitor experience remains a prime emphasis in farm management. Construction and maintenance projects can affect this experience and contractors need to be fully aware of visitors to the farm at all times.”

The maintenance at Tokara includes:

Minor structural repairs to maintain the structures’ exterior integrity.

Some redecoration work is required to give back structure to the external surfaces in some areas.

Effective waterproofing in a high rainfall region is critical. Some areas of the buildings are being waterproofed to ensure a dry winter in the buildings’ interiors.

Paint retains a building’s aesthetic appeal, and provides an extra protective layer to the external structures through the application of additional layers.

Jäck says that Indawo is accustomed to projects like these and on historic buildings in the Western Cape. The intricate nature of the repairs coupled with the precise planning of the rollout of the work requires meticulous attention to detail and strict adherence to production and time standards to minimise any disruptions. Completing this project before the arrival of the rainy season is also a critical part of the job and our workforce is geared up to complete the works in the time allocated.”

Look what we have achieved and done!

Join us on a trip down memory lane! We have featured in many newspapers, magazines and online publications for our good work done in painting, waterproofing, construction, roofing, flooring, building refurbishment and asbestos removal and asbestos handling in Cape Town, Western Cape and Johanesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng and Tshwane.

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