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28 September 2014 Sunday Argus Property, Understanding painting will save you time, money and frustration, says Indawo. Understand painting and use reputable contractors.

We have all painted a room or even a house, but we can agree that what appears to be a simple task turns out to be a rather challenging one. According to painting, waterproofing and construction company, Indawo, painting is often mistaken for a routine job. As most of us have discovered the hard way, there is nothing routine about it and we rather opt for the first willing painter to do the job.

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Understand painting, says Indawo

Indawo managing director, Geoffrey Jäck, says that attempting to paint a building using inexperienced or unskilled labour can result in additional risks. Selecting cheaper, lower quality paint products also exacerbates already poor protective underlying layers. Importantly, and especially in the Western Cape, correct application of the right product is critical for the enhancement of the protective function provided by paint.
Selecting the right contractor does provide some challenges. Which company is the most reliable? Who is the most cost effective? Which contractor has the right experience for the project and what risks are to be considered when selecting one? How will I know what the right price is?
Jäck says, “Even among the top contractors there can be vast variances in quotations. This could be attributed to contractor perceptions of the scope of project and resources required, on top of which products are selected. These factors need to be clarified in order for contractors to provide comparative quotes.”
Getting the specification right is vital for contractors to provide accurate and comparable quotations. It may be a surprise but without the right specification quotations can differ by as much as 50 percent. Opting for the lowest price may mean the specification was misunderstood and additional costs follow later.
To ensure that you get the right quotation, Jäck suggests the following:
• Choose reputable, compliant contractors. It is vital that contractors are compliant for the protection of both the client and contractor. If you use a non-compliant contractor you may be liable for damages or loss.
• Keep your quotation requests to 3 contractors. More than that results in unnecessary confusion.
• To ensure the accuracy of quotations, make sure the job specification is precise. Provide the contractors with the exact requirements to ensure that they know what is expected of them.
• Ask for a detailed quotation to ascertain what the contractor’s responsibilities are. A detailed quote will also specify what products and materials will be used, what the scope of the job is expected to be, the size of the workforce required, the approximate duration of the project, health and safety aspects, site management details and all information relating to the job. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the contractor has provided for all aspects.
• Remember, price should not always be the overriding factor in awarding a contract. Importantly, the contractor’s ability, skills, compliance and professionalism in executing the job are vital. Key to this is the safety of all concerned, yours included, during the project.
• Obtaining referrals is important to check the contractor’s credibility.
• In just about every case, cheap paint means low quality and in high wind and rainfall areas, exacerbated by excessive sea spray, cheap paint will simply not provide adequate protection. Reputable contractors will specify the right product and include these details in his quotation.
Jäck concludes, “With such a range of products available, it is important that an experienced contractor is used. The application of products has to be done according to the manufacturers’ specification and if done incorrectly will void their guarantee.
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Understand painting

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