Indawo means place in Xhosa and maintaining your place is what we do.

From painting, waterproofing and construction in Cape Town and Johannesburg to industrial and commercial flooring solutions, structural repairs, industrial rope access, spalling repairs, roofing, redecorating and asbestos removal, Indawo has the expertise to restore townhouse complexes, and retail, industrial, commercial, office and historic buildings.

Indawo's quality and sound technical advice offer value for money solutions to building maintenance challenges. This is reflected in our care in providing the best solution, a passion for delivery of service and a pride in our workmanship.

Indawo is compliant with the Building Industry Bargaining Council and Department of Labour regulations and is a level 4 B-BBEE contributor.

Our Team

Peter Jäck

Geoffrey Jäck
Managing Director

Jaco De Kock
Financial Manager

Roel van der Heijden
Production Manager

Pamela Erasmus
Process Manager

Dean Cox
Sales Manager

Wayne Lentz
Tender Manager

Our Core Services


From commercial painting in Cape Town, Western Cape and Johannesburg, Gauteng, and painting of multi-level buildings to shopping centres, complexes, factories, warehouses and retail premises, we are proud that world-class paint brands choose to be associated with us. Painting is a specialised field, especially in areas attacked by a harsh climate, and requires the right application of the right product. Indawo has been painting the Western Cape for many years and now we are painting Gauteng too.


Water ingress is a major cause of structural damage making it is essential not to neglect proper and sustainable waterproofing. Our teams of professionals provide solutions tailored for each waterproofing problem, using a range of systems and maintenance methodologies. Commercial waterproofing in Cape Town and Johannesburg demands the attention of experienced professionals with the expertise to undertake large commercial waterproofing projects. For a top commercial waterproofer in Cape Town and Johannesburg, contact Indawo.


Looking for specialised construction in Cape Town and Johannesburg: look no further than Indawo. Specialised construction includes works that need precise construction methods and demands a specialist team to undertake and complete the construction job. This goes beyond simple construction; it involves intricate and delicate construction and building restoration. When it comes to historic building restoration and construction in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Indawo has the expertise to ensure that history is preserved.

Structural Repairs & Spalling

Concrete and steel are primary choices of building materials in construction used for their strength and versatility. Although a strong substance, concrete still requires steel reinforcing and, over time and through exposure to a harsh climate, the steel is susceptible to deterioration. It is imperative that this deterioration is addressed to avoid larger costs based on structural damage over time. For structural repairs and spalling repairs in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Indawo commits to highest standard.

Asbestos Handling

Indawo’s team of trained professionals safely handles asbestos removal and asbestos disposal. Asbestos is a highly dangerous substance and strict legislation governs asbestos handling and asbestos removal. Indawo is a certified asbestos handler in Cape Town and Johannesburg and is registered at the Department of Labour as an asbestos contractor. Asbestos removal requires an approved asbestos contractor by law and the onus is on building owners to ensure they use the services of an asbestos contractor that is legally compliant for any asbestos removal.


Roof restoration is a cost effective means of upgrading buildings. A roof can be up to 40% of the building's exterior and roof restoration can greatly improve its overall appearance and value, while incorporating insulating properties can significantly reduce the impact on the environment. Roofing in Cape Town and Johannesburg demands the expertise from qualified roofers. From commercial roofing to industrial roofing in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Indawo has the expertise to provide the right solution.


Indawo's commercial flooring solutions is tailored to your needs and budget. From classic commercial flooring options to industrial flooring solutions, Indawo provides quality products matched by service excellence on top of workmanship and product guarantees. For your industrial or commercial flooring projects in Cape Town and in Johannesburg, Indawo has a precise range of solutions.


Redecorating buildings in Cape Town has been part of Indawo's skills sets for a number of years. Our range of redecorating work comprises single rooms to large offices and from general decorative painting to full restoration of buildings. When redecorating the interior and exterior of your building, it should be carried out to the highest standards. Redecoration in Cape Town, especially on our historical buildings, requires meticulous attention to detail and the careful application of products to ensure absolute protection of our heritage sites.

Rope Access

Rope access is a form of work positioning, which uses practical rope work to allow workers to safely access difficult to reach areas without using of expensive scaffolding, cradles or mobile elevated platforms. It is a convenient method for complex maintenance jobs while minimising safety risks. Rope Access in Cape Town is a challenge. With the high winds rope access in the Western Cape demands the skill of qualified rope access experts. If the job needs rope access in Johannesburg or Cape Town, Indawo has the skills to do it.

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Indawo is a member of:

Master Builders Association (MBA) | National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) | National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA)

Indawo is an approved applicator/supplier of/to:

a.b.e Construction Chemicals (Pty) Ltd | Dulux | Marmoran | Prominent Paints| Midas Paints | Plascon | Sika South Africa (Pty) Ltd | The Pekay Group (Pty) Ltd Trade World Sourcing Solutions - approved supplier on Western Cape Supplier Database

Indawo is compliant with the following:

Building Industry Bargaining Council | Asbestos Compliant - Registered Asbestos Contractor at the Department of Labour BBBEE Compliant - Level 4 | South African Revenue Service (SARS)

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